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Promissum Software is an innovative information technology company, offering a wide range of products and technical services to private institutions and government agencies. Our project base has global reach. Our high profile customers include well known universities and government agencies. Our services include a wide variety of software solutions, including PAS™, a fintech management suite. We are constantly expanding our scope of services and developing our products to give our clients the edge they need to excel. Your technical challenges and “unsolvable” problems will become our next innovation, our new breakthrough.

Promissum Software is committed to not only developing superior technology for our customers but also building a world-class company. With this commitment to excellence comes significant responsibility to conduct ourselves in a fair, ethical and legal manner at every level of our organization and at every location where we do business. Sound principles of corporate governance are critical to achieving our goal of corporate excellence. Promissum Software promotes good corporate governance and ethics through a number of policies, procedures and practices, including:

Corporate Governance Principles (.pdf file, 256kB)
The Corporate Governance Principles summarize a number of corporate governance processes and guidelines -Corporate Governance Guidelines (.pdf file, 306kB)- for our Board of Directors and Corporate Officers. As part of its corporate governance, Promissum Software has created three Committees of the Board of Directors including an Audit Committee (.pdf file, 292kB), Compensation Committee and Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee (.pdf file, 269kB).

Standards of Business Conduct (.pdf file, 481kB)
The Standards of Business Conduct are intended to inform all employees of their legal and ethical obligations to Promissum Software, its customers, competitors and suppliers. The Standards of Business Conduct promote honest and ethical conduct by our employees; full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure by Promissum Software in our periodic reports; and compliance with applicable laws.

Financial Code of Ethics (.pdf file, 247kB)
The Financial Code of Ethics contains specific standards of business and conduct applicable to Promissum Software officers and employees involved in our financial reporting processes.


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